Harlem Eats Launches Tomorrow!

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Harlem Eats

Launches Saturday  May 10th 2014

Harlem Eats, uptown food truck and street food market, presents New Yorkers with the opportunity to experience Harlem’s burgeoning scene every Saturday from May 10th – Nov 1st. We will be launching tomorrow with our first round of New York’s finest, most innovative food vendors. There will be covered seating and an array of gourmet street food cuisines and delicacies to choose from. Celebrate summer in Harlem and walk away with a taste you will remember.

Location: Fredrick Douglas Blvd. between 117th & 118th Street
Transportation: B or C to 116th or 2/3 train to 116th (walk 2 blocks west)
Prices: Food and drinks are $1 – $10 Cash Only

First Round of Vendors

Caranval  “Brazilian Barbecue
Takumi TacoJapanese Inspired Mexican Tacos
Frittering Away “Specialty Lemonades in a Jar”
Jerk ShackCaribbean BBQ and Jerk Everything
It’sKaleKale Snacks, Delicious and Healthy in One Bite”
Luke’s Lobster “Gourmet Lobster Straight from Maine”
Nuchas “Hand-held Argentinian Foods”

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