Nuchas: Grab Argentina by the Handful!

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Hold a bit of Argentina in your hand with a traditional empanada from Nuchas!


Nuchas will be serving their signature artisan empanadas at the Harlem Eats Uptown Food Market! Vegetarian? No problem! Vegetarians and carnivores will love the savory treats that cater to all, as Nuchas mixes their ingredients up to make sure everyone leaves with a tasty delight.

Think you can handle the heat? Try the Spicy Cheese empanada filled with a variety of cheeses, peppers, and caramelized onions all sealed in savory Parmesan dough. If spice isn’t your thing, try the traditional Argentine or satisfy your sweet tooth with the apple cranberry & Nutella empanada made with succulent white almond dough. These delicious mini-meat-pies will satisfy all your cravings and leave you plenty to walk away with at only $3. These Argentinian hand-held foods are prepared fresh on site transporting you to South America with every bite.

see here for more yummy food pictures!

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