Spring Bank Sponsors the Harlem Food Truck Rally

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Out of love for New York and its residents, Spring Bank pursues its goals with a socially aware mission. The bank began in the Bronx in response to the lack of financial resources available in the area. This problem is so drastic that even now, nearly six years since Spring Bank opened, one can walk for several blocks in the Bronx without finding another bank branch. Brian A. Blake, the Vice President of Spring Bank, worked for many years in finance but has taken his skills and is using them to help alleviate this disparity in banking in inner city urban New York. He explains that while many banks exist in the New York Area everyone’s needs are not being met. In particular the needs of those with less privileged socio-economic backgrounds are being neglected. Blake was motivated to join Spring Bank because it was a focused strategy urging New York to progress in this sector by allocating capital where it is needed. The company offers tools and products for those who are of lower-income situations and have often been disregarded by large banks. Spring Bank doesn’t only offer a supportive banking system in areas of need, but is also involved with numerous non-profits, like the Harlem Food Truck Rally, as a means of enhancing the overall quality of life for all. As Brian Blake says, “we live here and we are extremely local. Everything we do is based around the neighborhood we are in.” Spring Bank is more than just a bank; it is a community resource supporting the well-being of those New Yorkers who need it the most.

Harlem Eats would like to thank Spring Bank for being a sponsor of the Harlem Food Truck Rally!

Spring Bank

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